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We are a passionate group of engineers, scientists, and technicians that are providing the highest quality powders for the high-fidelity additive manufacturing space! We combine the strengths of our production team with the knowledge of our characterization team to provide not only premium feedstocks but a pedigree that your applications can depend on.

"We don’t just sell powders, we sell a pedigree"

Joe Heelan.png

Principal Materials Engineer

Joe Heelan

Joe leads both production activities and efforts related to developing and commercializing novel powders for AM. Joe is motivated by growth and a desire to lead a project from conceptualization all the way to a point where it’s delivering impactful results on a commercial scale.

Alino Te.png

 Materials Engineer

Alino Te

Alino manages the sales and technical responses for Powders On Demand. He is likely the first name you see when you need anything! When not working, you can find him in the mountains camping, running, or snowboarding!

Ben Young .png

Production Lead

Ben Young

Ben supports the powders team as a Process Technician, where he utilizes his laboratory background to help with processing, characterizing, and shipping powders out the door. In his free time, Ben enjoys building puzzles and playing an assortment of board and video games. 


Process Technician

Chukwunyerem Okorafor

Chuks is a key player in our daily activies at POD. He works diligently on fulfilling powder orders from start to finish with an emphasis on getting orders out of the door.  Chuks is a family man - his daughter has been invited as an occasional guest on our Zoom calls during our WFH days.

trevor petersen.jpg

Production Technician

Trevor Petersen

Self-designated Title: Lab Gremlin

Trevor does a lot of the behind the scenes work in the lab making powders and running tests. You may see his name on a label from something you ordered. When at home, he spends way too much time with his 3 dogs.

mason labbe.jpg

Production Technician

Mason Labbe

 As a member of the production team, Mason has taken to characterizing powders while also training to mount and polish samples. Currently he is getting his degree at Quinsigamond Community College while balancing his Production Technician position for POD.

Process Technician

Cam Maillet

Cam leads many of the powder processing and order fulfillment efforts as well as manages our materials inventory. When not playing with powder, he enjoys playing videogames and board games.

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