Create more reliable
manufacturing processes.

Born out Worcester, MA as one of the first online portals for purchasing of quality-controlled, custom-processed, and custom-packaged powders for the cold spray and additive manufacturing communities, Powders on Demand is fulfilling the need for high-quality, reliable powder for manufacturing processes. We offer enhanced powder solutions specially designed to consistently meet the rigorous specifications emerging tech demands of the additive manufacturing industry. 

POD provides microstructural optimization, moisture removal, size classification, blending, particle agglomeration, and granulation operations, with all materials packaged in customizable volumes to ensure material longevity and safety.  

By improving the way AM powders are produced and qualified, POD will be the enabling resource for commercial and research organizations to develop critical applications with materials that are reliable and effective.  

Recognize the importance of high-quality powder feedstock.


High Integrity Powders

Product lines designed for wear and impact protection, structural performance, corrosion resistance, cosmetic repair, high temperature environments, and/or dimensional restoration. Custom powders available upon request.

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Powders are packaged in a dry, oxygen free environment using anti-static containers to preserve material properties and ensure safety. Package size can be customized to the customer’s requirements.



All powders are analyzed using a 7-step characterization suite to ensure the same quality of powder is provided with every batch.



During development, powders are cold

sprayed and evaluated for metrics like

porosity, deposition  efficiency, and

various relevant mechanical properties

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