About Us



Powders on Demand powders are thoroughly tested through multi-point inspection from the raw feedstock through post-production to guarantee quality in your additive manufacturing needs. Our powders are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers and processed to be optimized for various applications from structural component production to repair. POD’s lots of powder are each individually characterized and technical data is provided for each lot you may receive to ensure the highest quality of powder to part tracking. 

Powders on Demand uses industry standard characterization techniques to match the competition and have implemented additional novel techniques to better understand key characteristics that drive performance. Please see our new paper on one of these novel techniques!



We are constantly developing new partnerships with OEM’s and feedstock manufacturers while maintaining the integrity of our products. Additionally, we work continuously to develop novel materials and state of the art feedstocks that solve difficult real-world problems. One of our most recent developments in collaboration with the Army Research Lab yielded an exciting paper below and we are looking forward to providing it for our customers! 

If you have a unique or are even in search of moderately difficult to source powders, give us a call/email and we can contact our partners to find or make whatever it is you are seeking. 



Powders on Demand powders are designed with the operators in mind. Our powders are engineered for safety and to reduce the hazards that are inherent to all additive manufacturing techniques. Our main family of powders were independently tested at an external testing house for dust hazards including but are not limited to explosibility, minimum auto ignition temperatures, and water reactivity. Our powders are proven to be less hazardous than the competition and even the standard materials tested by authority having